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Un article sur l’héritage de l’anarcho-syndicalisme: comment travailler encore ensemble, avons-nous oublié ?

Anarchism is a source of inspiration for a number of social movements today. One question this raises is that of the influence of collective memory in shaping existing and new forms of organisations in relation to a value system. In the past, workers facing exclusion and job insecurity discovered and experimented with cooperative solutions. This paper uses the case of the history of the print union in France to inquire about the influence of collective memory on workers in the publishing and multimedia industry today. Observing that anarchist views on work and on standing by the collective have more or less been lost despite the current popularity of many practices anarchism introduced, it investigates the role of collective memory in framing anarchism as an open ensemble of original actions.‘anarchy-book-forget-about-it’-role-collective-memory-shaping-workers’-relations